Saturday, January 16, 2010

Elephantine Vanity and Greed: UPDATE II

Remember this FSBO?

Days on Market: 633 days

After this much time, do you think he even remembers his apartment is still for sale?

Just goes to show, sanity is not a prerequisite for selling a house (or buying one, for that matter).

As I said in the first update:

Believe me, even years from now as condos are selling at 2001-2002 prices, these true believers will still be out there. Kind of like those Japanese soldiers stuck on remote islands, not realizing (or refusing to believe) that World War II had ended, continuing to fight the war decades after Japan's surrender. To some, denial is more addictive than the best heroin or crack that money can buy.

1 comment:

  1. Wow, do I enjoy the look of that Market Chart on Redfin.

    This guy had it priced "right" in April of 08, but I guess he has refused to examine the market since then. Utter awesomeness!!!!