Saturday, June 6, 2009

Failed Flip in the Ranchos: UPDATE

"The list price was $645,000 and changed to $624,500"


  1. Still has a looong way to go!

  2. How dare you! This house is "special" and the only reason for the TEMPORARY price reduction is to start a feverish bidding war between those plentiful $200,000 income buyers.

  3. (cough, spit)
    You owe me a new keyboard!

  4. The house on 3024 Kallin is off the market.

    Delisted May 20. Sold or pulled off? I didn't follow it.

  5. Btw, just heard from my realtor that some knife catcher put in an offer for over $600K on this house. I guess LBC buyers are just as delusional as the sellers.

  6. How much crack are people smoking in the other parts of Long Beach where the smoke is settling over the 90808????

    and it has switched to Taking Backup Offers.

    341 pssf SALE with 332 pssf LIST... fuck people are high!!!!

  7. Well, if you had to catch a falling knife, you could do a lot worse. I still love this house, but it's obvious that dude way overpaid.

    Because it will take the mid- to high-end so much longer (including 90808) to come down to reality, it will take this guy a long, long time to figure out what a colossal financial error he made.

    Or who knows, maybe 90808 is immune?