Thursday, June 18, 2009

Back From Kentucky

Regular(ish) updates will resume soon, but in the meantime I want you to see what you can get for under $350,000 in Lexington, KY:

And in Long Beach, CA?


  1. Yeah, I look at the listings for my hometown in Illinois, and I get depressed.
    Of course, back there I'd probably be making 60% of what I make out here, and it costs a small fortune to heat the place in the winter, but youn sure can get a lot of bang for the buck!

  2. The Kentucky realtor writes: "No waisted space" Guess she must be on Jenny Craig. "loads of copious trim". What the heck? At least she has the better place to sell.
    Does it come with it's own moonshine? 3,700 plus sq. ft you can make your own distillery.
    Thanks for depressing me today El Bee on what I can buy out here in Calif**infornia. =)

  3. Same deal when I went to visit family 10 min north of Dallas. They have 4000 sq.ft mansions on fat plots of land starting in the low 200's. Briefly considered buying one. Then i thought better about living 10 minutes north of Dallas, or anywhere near Dallas for that matter.

  4. 3794 square feet?!?!?!


    I'm depressed now!

    THANNNNNNNK you El Bee.. ;-{

  5. Yeah I've been comparing L.A. with elsewhere too. Despite the crash, modest houses in areas I want to live (those with cooler weather) are still at fuck off prices. Even in San Diego, you can get so much more for your dollar.

  6. KY vs. Coastal CA isn't exactly apples-to-apples (ALTHOUGH, the median household income is about the same as most Long Beach neighborhoods--and Lexington is GORGEOUS) so don't get too depressed.

    Jason, I agree your money goes a lot further in SD these days. And logically since they experienced the bubble earlier than LB, they will bottom earlier and could serve as a decent leading indicator for Long Beach's inevitable return to fundamentals.

    So, everyone keep your chin up!

    A co-worker just bought a two bedroom condo in south OC and his payment (when factoring tax benefits) is a little bit less than the rent he's paying on a ONE BEDROOM Irvine apartment.

    Forget trying to call the exact bottom in Coastal California--that's a fool's errand. If you like it, want to be there for a while, and the rent vs. buy pencils out--get it (or, at least, TRY to compete with other bidders).

  7. Kentucky is beautiful. Our son goes to U Of L. He wanted to live somewhere that wasn't So Cal. Man, did he choose some place different.

    The other thing I like about KY is the pace of life. It seems a little more "normal" than the hectic pace of here.

  8. At least in places under $350k in the LBC you are guaranteed to have a crack dealer in the neighborhood. Now that is the value of location...

  9. Yeah..the coast of Ca we pay a premium. many of you have been in the water recently in LB?
    The PT reported 53 shootings between April 1 to the middle of May this year. Does that premium home price come with bullet proof windows?
    Kentucky doesn't look that bad.

  10. KY isn't that bad overall.

    You can play golf usually year round, as the ground doesn't freeze. This past winter's ice storm was a "once in a lifetime" event.

    However, the thunderstorms are a site to behold in the spring and summer. The storms sometimes knock the humidity down a bit, just before it kicks back up.

    However, in Louisville the speed limit of the Watterson Expressway (I-264) is 55.

  11. Carl,

    I actually took off into one of those Kentucky thunderstorms. Lightning everywhere. One of the scariest flights of my life.

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