Wednesday, September 30, 2009


The list price was "$295,000" and changed to "$520,250"

Getting started early on the "Spring Bounce" 2039?


  1. Sorry Carl, I hate to be such a nanny but I had to remove that comment.

    Resubmit without the personal stuff and I'll post.

  2. dag nab it, I didn't save it. I am hoping it was the last word in my comment.

    Dear Mr. Realtor,

    I am not be as savvy as you, seeing as how you may hold a realtors license and I do not, but may I be so bold as to offer you some advice?

    1) Ocean Blvd. is NOT NORTH LONG BEACH. It isn't even close.

    2) Could you please include what my HOA fine is, so I know what I can NOT deduct from my 1040?

    3) Could you please tell me what I am getting if I purchase this property at you PREVIOUS asking price? You know, stuff like "Hardwood Floors, Stainless Steel Appliances, Granite Countertops". Heck, even Gas or Electric stove??? It is all the rage to include a description in the listing.

    4) Photos. I do see you have one of the building, but what about the kitchen, bathrooms, maybe even (GASP!!!) the bedrooms.

    Can someone care to explain what value this guy is providing this seller (or his firm, if they do own the unit)???

  3. El Bee, not sure where I should post this, but I wanted to ask for feedback from you, and/or others....

    I live in the LBC and work in Santa Monica. Now I know that's a commute, but my rent WITH utilities is $615. Now I know that is HELLA cheap, especially considering I'm by 10th and Termino, in a pretty nice neighborhood, and pretty nice apt............

    but still, I was considering a place in or near Santa Monica.

    How in the holy heck are those people charging 15 HUNDRED dollars out there, for little 600 square feet cracker boxes?!?!?!

    Heck, just looking at those prices scared the bejeebers outta me!

    Oh yeah, by the way, this is the building that my mom used to live in.

    It's ok, but the building is pretty old, and it definitely doesn't give you a luxury feel at all. Everything about that building, including the maintenance man and how they run stuff, is second rate.

    My mom was renting, so I don't know what the HOA fine is, but it's probably a rip.

    They have a nice pool area, but even still, it's all old. That building's gotta be AT LEAST from the 1970s.... maybe before.