Friday, July 24, 2009


On the Irvine Housing Blog Forums our friend Morekaos pointed out that this Asian-inspired eyeball seizure has yet again dropped the price in its seemingly never-ending sales attempt.

The price was reduced $100,000 to $1,875,000.

By the way this marks the seventh post on RE in the LBC and the 709th day on the market.

This is getting to be regoddamndiculous.

However, it appears the realtor is finally getting serious. No, not because of that hilariously pointless 5% price reduction. You see, he added this sweet video website:

Given the eternity on the market, I think the website should be but I digress.

I wonder how much loot they blew on that useless exercise. To paraphrase Jim the Realtor, you can play grab ass all you want with these bullshit videos and expensive "outside the box" marketing ideas, but if you're TRULY interested in selling, there's nothing price can't fix.


  1. BTW you can check Craigslist for rentals- they are getting so desperate they are trying to rent it out for $6750 a month while they wait for the market to "recover". Anybody ready to jump on a bargain rent like that to help out the sellers until the market "recovers". Say, about 2019 or so...

  2. Man, the carrying costs (including utilities and maintenance) must be eating them alive.

  3. Ok, I'm gonna show my ignorance (yes again) here by posting my opinion on this place, before I read any of your past blogs El Bee....


    Hell I'd buy it.

    That bathroom is worth the price alone.

    Besides, you could film a bad ass kung fu flick at this place.

    If I had the money, I'd have chinese kung fu security gaurds, in those wild outfits they wear, lined around the house.

    In the mornings, I'd have a big gong sound when it was time to wake up, and then sound it when it's time for meals (and also when it was time for sex).

    Well anyways, let me wakeup from my day dreaming.

    I don't see what's wrong with this place, but I'm guessing it's too much money.

    For a po person like me though, my thinking is that if your rich, what's an extra million or so?

  4. "they are getting so desperate they are trying to rent it out for $6750 a month while they wait for the market to "recover""

    Seriously dude. They've had the thing listed for 709 freakin' days. I'm no expert on desperation, but I'm guessing that 700+ days on the market is not a typical symptom.

    The main problem with this house is that it stands out like a sore thumb in the neighborhood. Maybe some buyers want the "hey, look at me! I'm turning Japanese!" motif, but I'm guessing that most buyers want something that blends in at least a little.

    The other problem is that the house is configured poorly on a very large lot. It has a front driveway in an alley-served neighborhood. The reason for this is there used to be a massive, 100 year old tree that covered most of the lot. It died in a windstorm several years ago.

    So now you've got a smallish odd-ball house on a very large lot, and nobody wants to buy it. As the price drops, it is getting closer and closer to the residual land value (minus demo costs). I'd guess a 6,000+ sf lot in the Shore would be worth something north of $1MM.

  5. Yeah, but you could still make a nice Kung Fu flick there though. ;-)