Thursday, March 12, 2009

In The Year 2000...-UPDATE II

20 days ago I wrote:

Wake up, buddy. Slap a price tag of $200,000 on it TONIGHT and keep cutting by $10,000 every two weeks until it sells. I know it's difficult to accept that's what it will take, but if you keep this up you'll be looking at even more dreadful comps a year from now. I mean, how much longer are you willing to shell out that $2,500+ monthly payment to "own" before you realize you could rent the next door neighbor's house for half that?

I'm starting to think we have a secret Long Beach Housing Blog reader on our hands because I just saw this:

Mar 10, 2009, Price Reduced - $209,900

You're getting warmer, buddy...

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  1. Love the blog. You should do an update on your post about the dump on 3rd and Roswell. Bought from the bank and is now and attempted flip. Hilarious. When will these Realtards learn?