Monday, November 23, 2009

Daily Nut Job: UPDATE

The list price was "$809,500" and changed to "$629,000"

Quite a discount!

I'm back, but delirious from the jet lag. What did I miss while overseas?


  1. please post some thoughts if you can abt. long beach on wsj today, and their article. Very interesting...

  2. Looks like "courthouse steps" auctions are heating up, and Barney Frank is working hard to up FHA mortgage limits to 800K, even though the FHA recently announced they lack the funds to cover massive defaults. That's about all that's new that I've paid attention to.

  3. Yup, nothing new. Zombie sellers still not dropping their prices, everything reasonable is selling instantly. Same old.

  4. Check out the consistent price drops on this property in our neighborhood:

    First listed in August at $865k, now $724.5k. Yowzers!

    Still a bit pricey for this neighborhood. That is Park Estate pricing, which while nice, this area is not as nice as that 'hood.

    This area has managed well in this downturn, but starting to see a few properties stay on market longer and a few rentals have popped up that have been sitting there for awhile.

    This could be a seasonal thing, but I'm wondering if we are starting to see a shift due to the last rush to take advantage of the 8K tax credit, and that "pent up" demand has dissipated.

    Time will tell I guess...