Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Collection of Listing Photos Featuring Animals

Why not?

Ha! I just noticed that little buddy on the left is peeing on the chair! Nice!


  1. Hey, I appreciate it ... it immediately lets me know I don't want to live there. ACHOOOOO! -mdb

  2. I believe these are Staging Pets.

    Placed to give a room that cozy feeling and possibly distract the viewer from something that might be wrong with the room.

    Like the cute little kitty-in-the-basket who may draw your attention way form that chair and whatever the hell is in those painting.

  3. I'm compelled to apologize for the slurry of typos in my previous post. I mean, what am I? A lazy realtor! (Answer: No)

    "way form that chair" ?!?
    "those painting" ?!?

    Yes, this is what happens when you just bang something out and don't proof read it.