Saturday, December 13, 2008

"Keep Your Opinions to Yourself"

Anonymous strikes again:

"Hey retard.....this property just closed for $365,000 I dont [sic] see that as a problem do you? Maybe you should focus on combing the MLS for typos and keep your other opinions to yourself."

You seem awfully angry, little buddy. And yet you return every day to keep that anger alive. I assure you, it's not worth the stress. Be honest: How many times a day did you keep checking for my response to your comment?


Of course I don’t have a problem with someone putting this seller out of their misery. Why would I? Knife-catchers are the only thing keeping this economy together!

You seem to be chalking this sale up as some kind of victory, but for whom?

Obviously not the seller, who lost $20,000, plus $23,000 in commissions and $20-$30,000 in upgrades and maintenance, not to mention four years of grossly inflated carrying costs. My OPINION was that they would lose money, and they did.

So, is it a victory for the new buyer? If they can afford the payment, can hang on to their job, and don’t mind bleeding equity for the next few years (and flat appreciation after that), then sure, I guess overpaying for this property is a victory. My OPINION is that they will lose equity in the coming years, and they will (and probably already have).

But unless you’re the buyer or listing agent (actually, that might explain it) what’s YOUR stake in this? This sale can’t possibly be a victory for you because I frequently acknowledge on this site that some properties are selling--even in this abysmal market. “AH-HA! IN YOUR FACE, EL BEE! I TOTALLY CONCUR WITH YOUR VIEWS!”

So, help me out here…what’s the point of your comment? I openly welcome differing viewpoints on the housing market when they are respectful and insightful (yours, on the other hand, is neither respectful, insightful, nor even an actual opinion as far as I can tell), but you have failed spectacularly in providing anything substantive for debate. You obviously have a distaste for my opinions, but you have failed to provide even one that you disagree with.

What I hear from you is: “A condo sold. Stop blogging.”

You're adorable.

And so you know, Skippy, the entire point of a personal blog is to NOT keep my opinions to myself. You must be new to this whole interwebs thing.

And if anonymously reading my opinions and analysis bothers you so much, why are you adding my blog to your Favorites, reading every single day, and following my featured properties like a hawk? Come to think of it, you getting so angry that you can't even spit out a coherent or worthwhile viewpoint is actually a victory for me and my readers. You're the entertainment, pal. You're the fool.

A little advice: They have this thing called a “mouse” and you can “click” to whatever “website” you like. Maybe you should religiously follow a site that soothes your soul, instead of one that creates stress. Like, for example.

And by the way, you never answered my question about why short sales “don't count” as comps. We’re still waiting to be enlightened. Chop chop.


  1. There sure are some bored bitter real estate agents trolling this blog.

  2. Awww...this guy is too cute. Take it easy on him Bee, let's try to keep him posting. This is totally entertaining!

  3. This condo was purchased by the alleged seller in 2004 with no money down (308,000 first, 77,000 second) mortgage. Just wondering, who financed the losses? (It smells like an attempted "drive by" short sale.) By the way, calling "closed" a pending sale is a kind of premature at today's lending environment. But what can we expect from one of Long Beach's brightest real estate professional? Wait and see...


  4. I think the anonymous critic might be Larry Kudlow.

  5. It's off topic. How can I get rid of this stupid "Anonymous" profile, and post as a normal guy? I couldn't figure it out...


  6. L_Thek,

    I think the best way is to set up an account with Google/Blogger.

    Work travel has been insane (the good news is that we are busy), but full posts will resume soon.

  7. Thanks for the help. Now (crossing my fingers) I'm going to loose my protected animal "Anonymous" status.