Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Greed: The American Way -- UPDATE

The post featuring this "ELEGANT EUROPEAN CHATEAU" a few weeks ago was a blast to write.

I found the property just at the right time, too. Lately I've been finding myself allowing other priorities to trump blog updates due to a waning sense of motivation. To be honest, it gets tiring to write about delusional a-holes all the time. The severe level of denial out there, coupled with the government's attempts to maintain these outrageous home prices at the cost to responsible homeownership-aspiring taxpayers like myself, can be a little disheartening.

But man, once I saw this bad boy I knew I was back. The humor and inspiration just flowed, and it renewed my interest in exposing greed-faced scumbags.

Anyhow, just two weeks after my post, the asking price dropped $75,000. A less than 4% cut is nothing to get excited about, especially when the original astronomical asking price is so hallucinogen-fueled, but it's relevant because it's the first reduction since the property was listed 96 excruciating days ago.

Slowly but surely, reality is seeping in. Of course, at this rate of reality seepage, we won't reach a reasonable price for another few years.

Of note, the realtor, demanding more than $100,000 for their efforts, still hasn't bothered to fix the typos in the listing. But, really, who cares? I have a feeling Mr. Chateau, aka the Big Lebowski's wealthy older brother, is going to provide us with a whole lot of entertainment during the coming months.

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