Friday, January 30, 2009

Sorry for the delay in new posts, but travel to the Carolinas, an infuriating computer meltdown, and a mini-vacation to Nicaragua have kept me away.

But I'll soon be back home refreshed, sunburned, and ready to indulge in some RE in the LBC action.


  1. Many happy returns. Looking forward to some REO action!


  2. ElBee,

    Where in the Carolinas? Spentthe good part of a year working on a project there (no meltdowns...yet) and really enjoyed it. Met a number of Cali folks who had moved there after cashing out around '06. They were living large.

    The last part leads to a question I've had. How many Californians had sold out for nice profits during the good times and moved out of state, taking thier $$ with them?