Friday, July 18, 2008

10 Atlantic Ave #110, 90802


Just sayin'


  1. These tiny condos appeal to a very limited pool of buyers. He will have to take 150k (if not less) to unload it.

  2. This is the Mini Cooper of apartments. 400 square feet is UNBELIEVABLY small, and you're still paying $179 per month in HOA fines.

    I honestly think they would be lucky to get $100,000 once this is all over.

  3. I bet even lower, given the HOA fee.


    And btw, where TF does that stairway go to, if this is a studio? Is this place subterranean?

    Finally, did you see that you are linked on Calculated Risk now? Is that new? You've hit the big time for sure. And we talked about LBC and your site on IHB earlier in the week too.


  4. Freedom,

    I just can't figure out why after nearly 600 DOM, they apparently can't get pictures of the interior on the MLS. Maybe a tri-pod, a human being and a digital camera can't all fit into that shoebox at the same time.

    I've been linked to Calculated Risk and Dr. Housing Bubble for a little while now. Both are definitely big boys of the internet tubes and I am super appreciative. IHB, to me, is one of the crown jewels (and the inspiration for this blog) of the RE blogging world but no link yet.

    Anyhow, thanks for being a loyal reader and helping to spread the word about RE-LBC. I think parts of OC finally understand the situation we're in, but Long Beach still seems to be woefully in denial. I hope to change that.