Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A New, New Low

A while back I openly prayed for the hilarious staging-by-photoshop trend to catch on.

Well, it looks like it's gaining traction:

146 LA VERNE Ave, Long Beach, CA 90803146 LA VERNE Ave, Long Beach, CA 90803

This is my absolute favorite:
146 LA VERNE Ave, Long Beach, CA 90803

You're not even trying!

This is going to be a very entertaining spring.


  1. Yeah, the market is still sinking, and the best they can do is photoshop furniture in.
    Guess they spent all their "staging" money on the lease for their new/beemer/benz/hummer!

  2. Dave in Alamitos BeachThursday, February 16, 2012

    The problem with this new tactic is how can a potential buyer know whether the entire HOUSE has been photoshopped? I mean the skylights and windows don't particularly look real. Could it just be "aspirational" to help the buyer see the potential in the rotting pile of 2 x 4s? Who knows?

  3. Yep. I've seen some local listings that had "unusual" looking colors that just popped out at you. I drove by them, and it was obvious somebody had "adjusted" the colors in the photograph before they posted it.
    I've also seen listings that have had powerlines and trees removed in the exterior views, and the sky was adjusted to make the house pop out of the background.
    Still haven't seen any with the trashcans in the street photoshopped out yet!

  4. Don't hate El Bee...

    Let a playa PLAYYYY!!!

  5. Sold for $699,000 -- full asking price. I guess this tactic works!

  6. Come on you guys, look on the bright side!!

    These people are helping you to realize the POTENTIAL!

  7. Without seeing the backyard, it's hard to get a grasp on what the value should be... I mean it IS a very prime location, by the beach, by 2nd street shops, and according to the "lot size", there is an extra 2 thousand square feet of yardage/space.

    Personally I think this is very pricey, but in credit driven America, where everyone is a spoiled narcissist, this is another "just gotta have" deal.