Sunday, July 11, 2010

Arigato: FINAL UPDATE (finally)

Sold on 07/09/10 - $1,150,000

And all it took was a 65% price reduction. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

The weird thing is, the final sale price is $150,000 more than the March asking price. Although, that $999,000 asking price seemed a bit low to me and some readers (basically the double-lot land value) so I guess I'm not surprised it got bid up.

I'll remind you that this property was purchased in 2007 for $750,000 and was a short sale at $1,150,000--despite three-and-a-half years of principal payments. That must have been one hell of a party.

Anyhow, the long, delusional journey has come to an end. I hope she learned a valuable lesson about greed, denial, and the price of abject stubbornness. This idiotic empress left a hell of a lot of money on the table by dicking around with insane wishing prices for so long. But now someone gets to enjoy one of the absolute weirdest Long Beach homes for what I think is a pretty good deal.

Click here for the whole pathetic saga...


  1. Amazing, I live right down the street from this thing...they did a nice job, but it's so effing out of place. Every time I walk by, I expect to see an 'All you can eat Sushi' sign over the door.

  2. Three words - Kung Fu Movie